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Sumo Imune Pro,

the awesome  healthcure for your Nishikigoi….

Sumo Koifood on the “Holland Koi Show 2014” ….

Food of the Champions

Why Sumo Koifood to  feed your Koi....

during the past couple of years the Sumo-Koi-Team has been investigating the best ways to feed Nishikigoi.

In recent years we have tested many kinds of food and mixtures.

We have never focused on fast growth but on optimum conditioning and development of the Nishikigoi. Adequate animal housing of pond fish, especially high quality Koi needs to fulfill certain criteria.

The optimal food for Nishikigoi needs to be adjusted to those criteria. The most important things are to support the fish in color, growth, shine of skin and shape. This product is designed to promote good growth of the fish. It is important that the shape of the fish doesn´t appear plump or lazy and an adiposis of the fish is avoided. The Sumo Koifood contains high quality formulas made of high-quality, pure and easily digestible ingredients.

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